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Zoe called me back in April, to discuss the possibility of a surprise photoshoot to reveal her exciting news to hubby Grant. it was very early days… only 4 weeks… but she’d seen a few ideas and wanted to capture this perfect moment!
It just so happened that Zoe had entered my Seasonal Sessions Facebook Competition after discovering it on Instagram, and decided on the Bluebell woods as a natural location, since my Spring Mini Sessions were coming up that weekend.

We agreed that I would send a fake email explaining that they’d won a competition for a free couple’s session, and Zoe dropped off a couple of chalkboards the day before so that Grant wouldn’t get suspicious.
The plan was that I would tell them to stand back-to-back, and write down 3 things they love about each other (Zoe had pre-written hers) – I had to stop my natural reactions from giving the game away whilst reading Grant’s 2nd item… *melt*

They would then turn to face each other, with me capturing what happened next…

Father’s Day yesterday was timed perfectly in line with their 12-week milestone, and so they revealed to their nearest and dearest with something we put together including their due date:

Zoe and Grant, thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in this special moment, and we all wish you the best for the arrival of your Christmas baby!

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