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If you run your own business, chances are you want great-quality photos for your website, social media posts and marketing materials.

But sometimes a limited budget means that you aren’t yet able to hire a professional.
So in the meantime, here are a few tips to help you take better photos of your products:

Using your smartphone

Make sure you familiarise yourself with your phone camera.
– Higher megapixels means better quality and more detail.
– Autofocus: Tap the screen whilst in camera mode, to see how the picture brings the area you want into focus.
– Exposure meter: Play with the slider (usually with a lightbulb icon) to see how the scene is affected, by making it lighter and darker.


Lighting is perhaps the MOST important contributor to a great photo – look for natural light coming from one direction.
You will want a decent amount of flattering highlights, (but not direct sun) and a good amount of shadow (without being too dark), to give your subject dimension and make it pop.

Avoid overhead indoor lighting, as this will give your photo an unnatural colour cast, as well as making the image look flat.

Using the flash on your phone or camera can bleach out the foreground, and create harsh shadows behind your subject.
So unless that’s the look you’re going for… I personally would avoid it.


Here you can get creative – it all depends on what you are photographing.
What you WILL want is a little bit of contrast, to ensure your subject doesn’t blend into the background.
Contrast can be introduced by using colour or texture, so get creative:
– Brick Wall
– Wooden Cladding
– Counter Top
– White or Dark

Here is a great instructional video, where he uses a cookie sheet (or baking sheet), as a really effective background, giving the resulting image an urban, grungy effect.
(And, he’s really funny…)
So play with different backgrounds and see which you prefer!


Choose your angles wisely – shoot multiple angles and close up details.
For example, get down low and shoot from the same angle as your subject.
Then shoot from above, otherwise known as a “flat-lay”.

Get in close – digital zooming decreases picture quality, so get in close and frame your subject with equal space around it.

Get it right in camera, rather than relying on editing and straightening to “save” it later.


Snapseed is a brilliant photo editing app, and it’s FREE.
Familiarise yourself with the different options it provides to enhance your photo – but be careful… It’s really easy to go too far, and overediting may spoil important detail and texture that makes your product so appealing.

Here are some branding images I took for Essentially Cara – notice the use of different angles, as well as where the light and shadows fall.

Would you like more information on Personal & Branding Photography for your business?
Send me a quick message – I’d love to chat more!

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