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How will professional photos HELP your business?

People buy from people they know and trust

In order to earn that trust, and stand out from others online offering similar services, you want to connect with potential customers on a personal level in order to move your business forward.

Enter: Business & Personal Branding Photography

Say what now?

Personal Branding Photography – is creating a library of images that tell your story.
The photos are carefully planned out in order to showcase the people behind the business, as well as the actual products and services offered.

Portraying your story in an entertaining, inspiring, or motivating way helps your audience relate to you.
And wouldn’t you love the tools at hand to connect with like-minded clients?

So how do you do this?

– Introducing yourself, the face behind the business
– Elevating your online presence with beautiful visuals
– Providing insight into HOW you work
– Portraying a personal approach to the way in which you do business

Natural headshots

Natural headshot Surrey
Headshots and branding photoshoot for a local business near Horsham
Natural headshot photography in Horsham, West Sussex

I believe that natural headshots make you look approachable. A personable headshot is KEY to standing out as a real-life human being, amongst a growing faceless online presence.
This is your first impression, and the first step to connecting with potential clients.

I don’t generally pose anyone for headshots personally, as I feel it’s more important for personality to shine through.
I do however offer a little guidance whilst sharing a laugh, to get those natural expressions.

Consistent and cohesive imagery

Have you ever been envious of that to-die-for Insta feed?
Well with the right imagery you can achieve the same – and I can help you with that.
Images with a cohesive look and feel are appealing to the eye…
… allowing others to easily identify your brand
… which leaves them wanting to see more
… growing your list of fans and followers!

Above is an example of some images that came out of a recent branding shoot for Jo Harper Cake Comany.
Jo was in the middle of a re-brand, and needed consistent imagery that conveyed the quality of her work to her clients.
We discussed what she was hoping to achieve from the photoshoot, and with the help of the preparation tips I sent, she was able to plan everything beforehand so that we made the most of our time together. 

Insider Info

Business Branding Photoshoot Horsham
Glass works by Hope Best Design

Images showing off how you work behind the scenes allows potential customers to get to know you better.

Telling your story can be broken down into explaining:
– Who you are…
– What you do
– Who you do it for
– WHY you do it
– What value you provide for your customer

Don’t be afraid to get personal. Are you a mum or dad? What do you love?
Include more than just your job title – how do you provide a solution to other people’s wants, needs, or problems, and what do you love about it?
How do you set yourself apart from everyone else offering a similar service? How do you keep your client’s engaged throughout the whole process?
Think about what your ideal client loves, and make that connection!

Images can tell your story by including your workspace, creative tools, casual product photos and lifestyle photos of you “in action”, even if it’s behind your computer!
These photos compliment the natural headshots to better connect on a personal level.

The more people understand what goes into the end product or service, the more likely they are to become a paying customer.

Branding photography to suit your business

When it comes to budgeting, I like to think that I provide varied options – you pay for however many images you need.
Packages are the most cost-effective option for you, with optional extras.

Take a look at my Package Pricing to see which suits your business needs, and let’s chat!

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