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Okay, so it’s not that we don’t necessarily want photos…
We as mums all want to preserve memories in a beautiful way, BUT sometimes we feel at least one of these (if not all):

Reason 1
We feel overwhelmed by work, children, life!
After keeping track of our jobs, school runs, housework, the last thing we feel like spending our downtime on is searching through hundreds of photographers to find one that will provide exactly what we need.

Reason 2:
Updating pictures for family living further away is always on our To Do list, but as busy parents we never seem to get around to it.

Reason 3:

Unpredictable children – you want an enjoyable experience, but what if little (funny name) decides to (funny story)?
Have you seen Michael MacIntyre’s stand up about going out with children? If you want to get a good core workout, watch this! 

Reason 4:
Most of us don’t possess the time or skills set to take gorgeous photos.
And the thought of learning new editing apps… Just don’t even!

Reason 5: (And this is a BIG one!)
There never seems to be a perfect time – we as women want to wait until we are no longer self-conscious about our bodies, so we hide behind the camera.

But we don’t know what tomorrow holds – RIGHT NOW is the perfect time!

I know how it feels. As a mum myself, I’ve been there (and sometimes I still am).
You want an enjoyable experience, not another thing on your To Do list…
You want to work with someone who understands what you need.
You want to cherish your photos for years to come with minimal hassle.
And there are soooooo many photographers out there, who do you choose? 

I am here to help, by providing an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

When you book a family photoshoot with me, I strive to make your life easier! 
Included in your family shoot is:

– Free resources and How To’s on looking great in photos, and making the most of our time together.
– I work with your children, creating a fun experience to capture genuine moments, whilst avoiding tantrums and making it easy on you as a parent.
– An online gallery, so that you can view your photos and choose in your own time.
– I can provide mock-ups of how your images will look on the wall.
– Now included is also a personal mobile app as a keepsake, so that you can keep your chosen images close at all times.
… All of this. and a record of moments passed down through generations.

A real mum's story

Sarah didn’t know what to expect before booking a photographer, but she knew there was a limited window in which to capture the early years.
Afterwards, she had this to say…

"Kelly is fantastic with our daughter, who is completely relaxed and really enjoys the sessions, which means we get the most natural and beautiful photos that we always receive compliments on."

Sarah has since gone on to book a further SIX shoots, spaced 6 months apart, using the affordable seasonal mini sessions I offer every year.
These are the images she chose to have printed:

Seasonal family photos amongst the country blossoms

And this is how they turned out on one of my favourite products – the wooden photo blocks!

The beauty of capturing this time forever means that these wonderful images will be passed down to her daughter’s children.

Wooden Photo Blocks - how to display your photos creating the biggest impact

Wooden Blocks - a beautiful way to showcase your favourite photos

A great individual gift for a loved one, or grouped together on a shelf or as a wall display.
Your image is printed and bonded to premium plywood – the matte laminate protects the print against scuffs and scratches, which enhances image vibrancy.
The image is then given a distressed look around the edges to give a wonderfully organic feel.

A set of 3 looks stunning when added upon each year as your children grow!

My gift to you this Mother's Day - A set of Wooden Photo Blocks

EXCLUSIVE to photoshoots purchased BEFORE Sunday 31st March.

Wooden Photo Blocks by Umoya Photography, Horsham

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