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Welcome! I’m Kelly, a Sussex wedding photographer covering locations throughout England.
As your wedding photographer, I believe in authentically capturing the joy of your day by adopting an unobtrusive documentary approach.

This means that whilst I don’t pose you or your guests, or use special lighting in order to achieve the most styled result, I DO document genuine candid reactions which feel joyful and real when you reminisce over the memories after your big day.

Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Authentic, natural wedding photography in Sussex & Surrey


From the African language Xhosa, Umoya is translated as “Spirit”.

Some African cultures believe that the spirit is literally captured by a photo… By adopting a lifestyle approach to photographing weddings and events, this is what I strive to achieve – capturing the spirit of the moments you experience… resulting in natural candid images.


When you have spent countless hours planning your day with careful attention to detail…  At the end of it all, you want to enjoy the results! 

I document your day from the sidelines with a very relaxed approach, without posing anybody.  So if you feel that spending time with your guests is more important than spending hours away from them, we will make a great team.

You will be left with memories full of genuine intimate moments and real emotion, for you and your family to reminisce over.

Relaxed, Natural, Unobtrusive

There may be happy tears, affectionate embraces, laugh-out-loud moments, and heartfelt emotion.
As your wedding photographer, I will be there to capture it all.

Couples can enjoy a stress-free day, safe in the knowledge that someone is in the sidelines documenting it all.

I felt so relaxed with Kelly at my wedding, I honestly felt like she was a friend rather than a photographer! And her photos were INCREDIBLE!!! I look at them pretty much every week - she caught the magic of my day perfectly!
Tamarisk Salvesen


I get it. You are busy… I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with so much to consider whilst juggling your To Do list.

Photography is personal. 
You want to work with someone who is kind and will listen to your needs. Someone who provides an enjoyable, hassle-free experience so that you can focus on enjoying your day.

I have some great ways to help you with that – find out more about the Umoya experience.

Detail shot by Kelly Rabie, Sussex wedding photographer


I understand the pressure that comes with having just one chance to capture brilliant photos to look back on.

My unique Pricing Menu enables you to create something that will fit in perfectly with your vision.

stunning back of dress detail by Kelly Rabie, Sussex wedding photographer


I would love to hear more about your plans!

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