Every year on 14th February, flower specialists, card shops, and restaurants make millions.
Why? Well, a gorgeous bunch of blooms, loved-up sentiments, and a romantic dinner (whilst nothing to be scoffed at) have almost become… expected

It’s awesome to feel wanted and special, but if you fall into the non-sentimental category and felt your eyes rolling back (and not in a good way) the minute the Christmas paraphernalia was replaced by hearts and roses, then you’ll want to read on…

The key to a creative and fun Valentine’s Day is to do something that you have never done before and that no-one else is doing. Don’t get stuck waiting 90 minutes for a table at the most popular restaurant due to lack of foresight; this will most likely stress both of you out and definitely kill the spark.

Do something different… Because you CAN give your Valentine a Day to remember, without activating their upchuck reflex.


Admittedly I am NOT a card person… You feel obligated to keep it, and the automatic hoarder in me goes into panic mode. Nope, rather than feeling awful about the card ending up in the recycling bin, I prefer to buy gift bags that can be re-used by the recipient.
If you do go down the card route, inject some fun into it:


Experience gifts are unlikely to be dated for the 14th February, but a gift certificate means they will still have something to open on the day.

Couple kissing in Autumn

A couples photoshoot

Gift your other half with a voucher for a location photoshoot to use during 2019. What could make this gift even more memorable? Use it to capture your proposal on the date of your choosing!


Make your own wedding rings

Share a personal experience in beautiful Sussex, creating your own rings under the guidance of a professional jeweller, with a luxury lunch and bubbly to celebrate. Even better... Have me there to capture it all for prosperity.

A cosy escape

Luxury glamping under the stars - choose from cabins, tree houses, shepherds huts, house boats, an airstream or even a bus! With fire places, outdoor baths or hot tubs... A huge selection of secluded and romantic getaways throughout the UK and Europe.

vase set


If your Valentine genuinely loves flowers - consider buying locally. Not only will you get something unique that isn't the thoughtless product of a large chainstore, you will be supporting a local family-run business. For example, this beautiful vase set from Stems in Southwater - and tell Kate I sent you.



Put together a pamper package - not only for women, these fab Aloe masks are packed with hydration to combat the drying effects of Winter and central heating. Contact Kim for more information.


For the kids

Valentines is for families too! How adorable is this baby vest? More available over at Babazoo London

The Date

Being parents of young kids means that we haven’t often had the time (or energy) to go out. As they have grown older though, … There is light at the end of the tunnel people!
So dress up and go “out out”!

Or if you can’t bear the idea of missioning out and sharing your space with other couples, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained (nudge, nudge) at home.

Restaurant Hopping

Can't decide on a restaurant?  Get your starter, main course, and dessert at three different places! One of the best date nights I've been on with the husband was completely random - we caught a train into the city and couldn't decide where to go... So we just started walking, and found the cutest little restaurants down hidden alleys.

"Our Story" treasure hunt

Each clue is designed to be based round a certain event in your life together such as a new home or a great holiday etc. And each one is designed so that your treasure hunt is applicable to nearly any home. Leave the first envelope somewhere they will see, and the rest around the house. The last envelope can contain a poem, a simple I love you, or who knows... a ring??

Floor Picnic

Lay out a comfy duvet surrounded by cushions, string up some fairy lights, light the fire, and enjoy your time together on your own terms, without worrying about taxis home or limited menu choices. Pizza and Prosecco goes down better anyway, right?

A crazy day

Make a list of things you have always wanted to do in your local area. Then see how many of these things you can squeeze into one day. Your adventure might lead you to taking hilarious pictures in a photo booth, playing laser tag, touring a local factory, or experiencing something you never had the courage for.

So, whether you’re totally loved up and enjoy everything Valentines Day brings with it, OR hate feeling obligated to celebrate love on just one day of the year, there is something for everyone.

Whatever you choose, do something exciting, unique, or personal to both of you. And most of all, have a wonderful, happy, and loving Valentine’s Day.


Seen something you like?
Comment below or send me a quick message to enquire about booking a photoshoot.

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