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Over the past year I’ve had increasing interest from clients in using the ever-elusive wild poppies as a photoshoot location for families, ever since I found a dramatic sea of red that had completely taken over some crops.

I’ve been waiting patiently for June to roll around and for Poppy-Watch to begin! These delicate weeds keep you on your toes though – they are my most unreliable location to use because you never know where they will pop up again:  The wind carries the seeds which rely on rough handling for germination, which is why they favour ploughed fields over grasslands, and it’s clear where the sea of red abruptly ends at the edge of the crops. What’s worse is they only last a few weeks at most!

This is why family sessions using them as a backdrop are always a last-minute scramble! I lucked out in finding some last week Friday, right next to a public footpath, and was on the phone right away to a dear friend who I knew had been waiting for the past year:  Her partner is an Armed Forces veteran, with the poppies holding sentimental value.

As a High Court Enforcement Officer appearing on Channel 5’s “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!“, Gary has taken a lot of flak for reclaiming debts and simply doing his job, but he rolls with the punches, taking a slightly bemused approach in accepting that viewers don’t know a thing about him or his history in serving our country.
He came into Heike’s life fully embracing the supportive role of stepfather, and it has been so lovely to watch her and her kids thrive under this new positive influence. These two are in LOVE, and the kids idolise him.

Granted, siblings have their moments…

And Gary was ever so impatient whilst Heike documented the breathtaking scenery…

But for the most part was an enjoyable morning of family fun in a rare setting!

And then down to the most important reason for seeking out the poppies in particular… Having a partner who served sixteen years in the Armed Forces, Heike proudly cherishes Gary’s achievements, and wanted this as a keepsake for Remembrance.

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