April 7, 2016 | Posted in blog, Family, Lifestyle

A quick detour up the road from me on Tuesday revealed some long-awaited colour – Winter is well and truly over, hooray!
The Bluebells are just opening up, and given another week will be in full bloom, creating an amazing blue carpet on the forest floor. They don’t last long, so Bluebell Sessions will only be held on Sunday 17th April.


Across the road, the Rapeseed flowers are starting to peek through too, producing a breathtaking view as you come over the hill. These should look good going into May, so an additional day of sessions will be held on Saturday 30th April.
I can’t wait!


Last year, a family took advantage of both – here are some results after editing:


If you would like to inject some colour into your living space, get in touch by emailing umoyaphotography@gmail.com to book your slot.

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