There are generally two types of newborn photographers.  The first, who adopt perhaps the most well-known style, are talented with using props, backdrops, and posing a baby into adorable sleepy positions while using more of a portrait approach to the session.  The second, like me, do not pose the baby and rather use the baby’s family and surroundings as the backdrop and adopt a lifestyle approach.  Both styles appeal to different clients, both camps of photographers have spent many hours and investment in studying and honing their skill, and both are excellent at what they do. I have several friends whose work I admire and am happy to refer to when I know a more posed style is wanted by a potential client.

For me though, it’s simple. No props, backdrops or outfits. It’s just baby.
Whilst family sessions most often produce images that stand alone in their own right, Newborn Lifestyle sessions are best portrayed by telling a story…
They can include one or even multiple brand new human souls, each with already very different personalities, delighted siblings and grandparents, a proud Dad helping with feeds, and of course the tiny details.
The pros of this style are that I flow with the family – if baby is cranky or needs a feed, we don’t have to be there for hours sweating over whether baby will settle or not. You are left with images filled with genuine emotion and connection, which allow you to reflect over what that babymoon period really felt like.

Read more about what you can expect from a Newborn session here.

If you are expecting in the next few months, contact me to find out more about booking your home session in soon to ensure availability.

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